Monitoring the near-Earth environment for asteroids is important to safeguard the planet (artist & credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

The mission to save Earth from potentially catastrophic asteroids

Small asteroids frequently fly past the Earth, some even closer than the Moon. But as students of the dinosaur era know, they can cause catastrophic effects to the planet. A number of programmes are underway which enable scientists to plot the movement of asteroids that trespass into Earth’s cosmic neighbourhood. But the theoretical methods for destroying those which might pose a danger are, of course, untested. The question remains whether or not we will be able to protect the planet when such a threat occurs.

ASTEROIDS larger than one kilometre are capable of causing a global catastrophe. Debris from the impact would propagate through the atmosphere, partially blocking out sunlight...

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Dr. Emily Baldwin
There is no doubt that sometime in the future Earth will suffer another cosmic impact: the only question is ‘when’?
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