Russia resurgent

Russia resurgent
Russia’s incursion in Ukraine raised alarm about a new Cold War, deepened with the intervention in Syria and allegations of meddling in U.S. elections. But the Kremlin’s new assertiveness is largely defensive, while Ukraine’s emergence as a nation-state undermines Moscow’s power base. In economic and technological terms Russia is a slow growth country, demographically it is in decline, while President Putin’s political grip is in question.

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A Sapsan high-speed train arrives at Leningradsky railway terminal in Moscow in June 2018

Russian rail: Behind the curve

With its vast expanses, its undeveloped areas and its need to connect east and west, one might think Russia would have ample incentive to develop a world-class rail system. But that has not happened, even after it agreed to work with China on an ambitious Moscow-to-Beijing rail project. Bureaucracy, corruption and political meddling have held the sector back. If Russia were to change course, it could reap huge economic benefits.

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