Redefining America

Redefining America
After a 20-year run as the world’s hegemonic power, the United States is retrenching. The Trump administration accelerated this process, answering China’s disruptive rise with an economic and military challenge, and using similar confrontational tactics with Iran. Domestically, the U.S. is doubling down on its faith in small government. American bilateralism’s key risk is estranging long-time partners needed to sustain its preeminence.

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A flag-carrying American clad in black, in a helmet, demonstrates near the U.S. Capitol

Leadership Challenges 2020: The U.S. is set to retain its strength as a global leader

Despite deepening political discord on the federal level and structural problems such as growing public debt and entitlements cost, the U.S. can rely on the strengths of its democratic institutions, its innovative and wealth-generating economy, an active civil society and an unparalleled military to play a dominating global role in the near and mid-term perspective.

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