Vice-President Osinbajo and Nigeria’s President Buhari – seen during their inauguration on May 29 - will only receive half of the salary paid to their predecessors (photo: dpa)

President Buhari’s strategy to save Nigeria

Nigeria is the economic powerhouse of Africa benefiting from significant oil revenue and a rapidly developing non-oil sector. However, recently elected President Muhammadu Buhari faces considerable problems in the form of Boko Haram insurgency, unequally distributed wealth and hard-wired corruption. In order to deliver his election promises, he will need to tackle these issues.

<i>NIGERIA'S 2015 elections mark the first time in the country`s history that an opposition party has ousted the incumbent government in an electoral process considered free and fair. Regardless of what comes next, this was a crucial milestone for democracy, not only in Nigeria but also in Africa.


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Professor Jaime Nogueira Pinto
Elections were considered free and fair and the outcome a genuine expression of the people`s will. This not only reinforces Buhari`s legitimacy and authority but is also extremely important in reassuring international partners, markets and investors.
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