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A protest in Pretoria, South Africa

Instability in sub-Saharan Africa: The ‘tribal’ factor

A spate of violence against foreigners in South Africa last month highlighted Africa’s struggle to overcome ethnic divisions. In many countries, tribal and religious loyalties supersede national ones, making it difficult to create a united national polity. States that have been forced to unite in conflict have done better in overcoming tribalism. The ones that do so successfully will have a greater chance of achieving stability, and therefore attracting crucial foreign investment.

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GIS on target predictions

Riyadh’s shifting involvement in Yemen

Once a very active participant in the violence of Yemen’s civil war, Saudi Arabia has progressively launched fewer strikes in the country, and recently has even been hosting talks between the Yemen government and the Houthi rebels. GIS experts predicted that while Riyadh would never stand for allowing the Iran-aligned Houthis to gain control of the country, it would ratchet down its military involvement as the conflict became more expensive. “In the most probable scenario, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi will turn down the intensity of their campaign,” wrote GIS expert Bernard Siman back in June 2016.

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Geopolitics are back on the agenda

Due to the fast changing international order geopolitics are back on the agenda. I believe that GIS makes a great contribution with analyses and insights that should help businesses and governments developing their responses.

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