India-Pakistan tension

India-Pakistan tension
South Asia’s two nuclear-armed powers have been at loggerheads since they became separate states in 1947. Border disputes, especially over the region of Kashmir, have caused frequent spikes in tensions. More recently, terrorist attacks and geopolitical maneuvering are straining ties. China’s more active foreign policy and changing priorities in the United States have set off a shift in alliances, further fueling tension.

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UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shake hands in New Delhi in 2017

India’s evolving strategy in the Middle East

India is forging profitable new partnerships with Sunni Arab states as its economic profile grows and its ties with the U.S. and Israel strengthen. The changes are causing tension with its old ally Iran, however, which New Delhi still needs to keep Pakistan in check. This balancing act will only grow more difficult and could leave India vulnerable to the Middle East’s notorious instability.

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